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History. Cosmetics. Beauty. Well-being. High quality handmade products. Muzas de Canavezes is a brand that includes all of these ingredients and produces luxury goods combining two century’s worth of wisdom with a contemporary sensibility.

Created in 1885 under the name "Muza", we are the first Portuguese luxury cosmetic brand, available today under the name "Muzas de Canavezes". For men and women who enjoy excellence.
From the splendour of Canavezes Palace Hotel, our products bring you the identity of a time, a place and a lifestyle.
Canavezes LEGADO
In honour of Queen Dona Mafalda de Sabóia, our brand’s name stems from the History of Portugal-Muza. She was the first Portuguese monarch to use water from the Canavezes region to cure her dermatological disease. This lead to the reconstruction of the Canavezes Thermal Springs, which became her second home.

By the 15th century, D. Henrique bestowed upon Canavezes its own Coat of Arms, in honour of the way theThermal Waters had helped in the treatment of dermatological diseases, namely those caught by sailors during expeditions overseas. The Canavezes Coat of Arms reads "Talan de bien faire", a motto of preciseness and perfection, which current products from Canavezes continue to strive for.
Trying to make Canavezes a place fit for all social classes and not just the nobility, and taking into account its contributions to public health, in the late 19th century a group of local doctors aware of the dermatological properties in the Waters of Canavezes present a project toD. Manuel II. The last king of Portugal acknowledges the innovative nature of this idea and agrees with the scholar’s arguments, giving them the former enclosure.

Thus, in 1902 a business society is founded with the purpose to build a Hotel and Thermal bathhouses, under the name Empresa das Águas das Caldas. This company would go on to build Canavezes Palace. The Empresa das Águas das Caldas lent organizational and professional resources to several activities developed in Canavezes, and also founded the soap factory – soap had until that time been made in the old thermal spring water facilities.
Canavezes PERFIL

The region’s long and well-acknowledged experience in thermal treatments inspired the revival of the Dermatological Laboratory of Canavezes as well as the creation of the dermo-cosmetic brand Canavezes Água Termal, made for problematic and sensitive skin types.
With its verified therapeutic value focusing several skin diseases, the Água Termal de Canavezes is the main active ingredient in the Canavezes Dermo-Cosmetic Product Line.

Canavezes PERFIL

The Canavezes Thermal Waters were probably known in the Neolithic and according to Pinho Leal they were undoubtedly known to the Romans. However, it was during the founding of the nation that these Thermal waters were first significantly developed. Queen D. Mafalda, wife to King D. Afonso I, who suffered from a bad skin disease, built a second residence in Canavezes and treated her illness in the Thermal Spring Waters of the region.
In 1902 the "Empresa das Águas das Caldas de Canavezes" begins commercial use of the thermal water springs. The resort is alluded to in a favourable manner in the guide " Águas e Termas Portuguesas" (1918). Presently undergoing a rebuilding process, the Canavezes Thermal Waters are surviving through the strength of their true value.
Canavezes COLECAO
Composed by five scents inspired by the five shields of the Canavezes Coat of Arms, The Collection presents the identity of Canavezes Palace, preserving history through the senses.
The Collection presents the Canavezes Palace identity through five aspects inspired by the five shields, the lore and legacy of this region.

The tobacco plant is known for its properties in the art of perfumery. The male figures which gathered in small groups in the hotel with their important pipes serve as an inspiration.

Mystery is inspired by the scent that permeated the enigmatic Hotel corridors. Essence of violet mixed with wax formed the candles that lit up those halls.

For decades rose-based essential oils were made to perfume the Hotel bedroom drawers. We selected three of the rarest roses to summon Romance.

The essential oil orange blossom is known for its soothing properties. Produced in Caldas de Canavezes, it was used for decades to perfume bathing water and sheets, granting the guests a restful night of sleep.

History combines coffee essences, caramel and chocolate. Fragrances that serve to remind one of the Brazilian influence in the history of the Hotel.
Canavezes PRODUTOS
Canavezes PERFIL

Produced from Canavezes Thermal Water, the highest quality essential oils and olive oil, today the handmade soaps Muzas de Canavezes combine a historic legacy and an attractive design, making them a truly timeless luxury product.
Inspired by the hat-boxes produced in the beginning of the 19th century in Canavezes, the Muzas’s packages are handmade, thus paying respect to the Portuguese preciseness and attention todetail from other times, as well as evoking and preserving the History of Caldas de Canavezes.
Canavezes PRODUTOS
Canavezes PRODUTOS
Canavezes PRODUTOS
Canavezes PRODUTOS
Canavezes PRODUTOS
Canavezes PRODUTOS
Dating from 1922 this is an unprecedented visual document that shows the operation of the Hotel and the Thermal Balneary of Canavezes, in Marco de Canavezes.
Unique visual document of the time, this video is extremely important to establish and support the history, and the written reports describing the location as a place of luxury, refinement and sophistication, well attended by Portuguese and international high society.
This historical video was acquired by the Canavezes Group to the Portuguese Cinematheque.
Length: 3 m 42 sec
Gender: Documentary
Year: 1922
Director: Raul Caldevilla
Producing company: Caldevilla Film
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